E3S9: From worm farming to climate impact investing with Zach Stein


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Episode 3 of The Social Change Career Podcast explores the links between sustainability and investing with with Zach Stein.

Zach is the co-founder of Carbon Collective which utilizes finances to solve climate change. This episode talks about how he started as a worm farmer to co-founding Carbon Collective. Zach shares his experience and tips on sustainable investing.

If you are seeking to explore how to link your finances to social impact (which should be all of us as we only have one planet) or if you are interested in building a career in this growing sector, take a listen to today's episode.

Zach began his post-college career with a fellowship on an urban farm. That spun out to worm farming, which led him into aquaponics, then aquaculture with his first tech startup, Osmo Systems. And in 2020, Zach set out to build a new climate company to better collectivize individual climate actions. He has the pleasure of working on it with his oldest friend as his cofounder. Zach currently lives in the East Bay Area with his wife and son.

Episode recorded April 12th, 2022. Interested in watching it? Click here for the Linkedin video or go to PCDN.global Youtube channel

This podcast episode is supported by the Rotary Peace Fellowship. Every year, 130 individuals are selected to receive a generous award from The Rotary Foundation that funds tuition, living expenses, international field experience, and research/conference opportunities at one of the Rotary Peace Centers, located within eight leading universities around the world.

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