SPI 602: They Said Do THIS, So I Did That


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#602 Today I'm spilling some truth and sharing things that are going to upset a few people. We'll be discussing three things that people, friends, and even mentors and coaches told me to do. This is common advice that you might hear as well and that I decided to ignore. We’ll talk about the push-back I received when I first started the podcast and wanted to have John Melley, the awesome voice-over guy, read a fun fact about me in each episode. We’re also going to discuss focusing on one thing and one thing only in business. This is advice that I followed for the longest time, but have since come up with a different rule that works better for me. Finally, I'll share the advice I got about content creation and how following it led me to burnout. You’ll hear all about what I’m doing now instead. And yes, ironically, I’m sharing lots of advice in this episode. Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session602.

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