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Mike talks about all things D&D!

  • 00:00 Show Intro
  • 01:00 D&D News: Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Comes Out on 16 May
  • 02:01 D&D News: Can't Buy Tome of Foes or Volo's Guide to Monsters on D&D Beyond after 17 May
  • 05:57 Product Spotlight: Above VTT
  • 19:00 Kickstarter Spotlight: Campaign Builder - Cities and Towns
  • 20:46 D&D Tip: Hex Flowers
  • 31:37 Patreon Question: Introducing Villains in your Campaign
  • 34:22 Patreon Question: Challenging Characters vs. Players with Puzzles
  • 37:47 Patreon Question: Dealing with Bickering Players
  • 41:55 Patreon Question: Evoking High Adventure in our RPGs
  • 45:30 Patreon Question: Pacing Games with Split Parties
  • 47:30 Patreon Question: What To Do With Gold
  • 50:53 Patreon Question: Focusing a Homebrew Campaign

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