Andrew Huberman Pt. 2 On Optimal Supplements, Fitness Routines, Cold/Hot Therapy, Biohacks, & Hormone Levels


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#458: Today is the second part of a two part episode this week with Andrew Huberman. Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and tenured Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. On part 2 we discuss optimal supplementation, workout routines, hormone levels, hot/cold therapy protocols, and biohacking tools we can use.

Dr. Andrew Huberman is hosting two live events this May. The first is in Seattle, WA on May 17, and the second is in Portland, OR on May 18. The events will include a discussion on "The Brain Body Contract" along with a live Q&A on all things human health & performance. It's almost sold out so be sure to visit to get

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