175: How to create wealth by sharing your gifts - with Maria Davis


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What if the secret to creating more wealth is actually, all about sharing your gifts openly, fluidly and giving yourself permission to be seen? What if that one (tiny) thing changed how you show up to sales meetings, networking events, and the regular day-to-day work?

My special guest today is Maria Davis and she’s simplifying how to create wealth by sharing your gifts. She believes that when you tap into your soul’s calling and purpose, you’ll start to do the great healing work that’ll clear any doubts in your mind, start to release old wounds, and open yourself up to the path of greater expansion ahead. (spoiler alert: the secret is all about tapping into your inner wisdom!)

Here’s how.

My special guest today is Maria Davis and she’s simplifying how to create wealth by sharing your gifts.

We tackle and simplify all aspects of it, including:

  • What the 3 tenets to creating wealth are:
    • Connection
    • Commitment
    • Contribution
  • How to define your specific gifts and claim them, instead of denying them, in your work
    • Maria: “your gifts are steady, yet your products/services can evolve”
  • How to tell if you are giving TOO much and are not open for receiving in return… where do you feel it first in your body?
  • What she means by “agency and capacity” as it relates to your client load and ideal client schedule - this is the secret to creating more wealth without burnout
  • …and ultimately, why we must focus on cultivating community with other women in order to reach our success goals, now more than ever

Maria put the call out to the Universe a few weeks ago stating she wanted to be interviewed on ten podcasts in the next 30 days. And low and behold, that Bold Ask just happened to shoot across my screen at exactly the right moment in time. So I said, “yes!”

And maybe it’s just that simple, friends.

We need to...

  • be brave enough to make Bold Asks out into the world,
  • stand tall in our power, and
  • be willing to share our gifts and expertise openly.

So let that be an encouraging whisper in your ear right now… What gifts could you share this week that’ll help someone else you haven’t met yet? What Bold Asks do you need to make to spark a new opportunity or an energy shift? Let’s go!

Q: Are you ready to create more wealth by sharing your gifts? If yes, this one is for you.

It’s time to #DoTheThing!


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