171 | Lessons and Reflections From 2021


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Join Angela in this solo episode: Lessons and Reflections From 2021. In this episode, Angela shares an end of the year wrap-up, reflection, and wishes you a happy Winter Solstice. She answers a list of questions put together for a recent Simple Ayurveda Collective community circle. You can grab a copy of the questions in the show notes for your own personal reflection of 2021. Thank you for being here! In this episode, learn more about: • What went well for Angela this year • Challenges faced and practices which helped keep her grounded and supported • A review of Prana, Tejas and Ojas • Things being released from 2021 and those things being brought into 2022 • Angela's word of the year for 2022 • and more! Previous Episodes Mentioned: 138 | Yoga Nidra and Radiant Rest with Tracee Stanley — https://simpleayurveda.com/episode-138-interview-with-tracee-stanley/ 126 | Ojas: Inner Bliss — https://simpleayurveda.com/episode-126-ojas-inner-bliss/ 127 | Tejas: Inner Radiance — https://simpleayurveda.com/episode-127-tejas-inner-radiance/

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