Episode 609 - Tac Pocket


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The Two Man Army celebrates Halloween with stories of candies and trick or treating. Tony opens with a rant on how bad technology treated him the past couple of days, but then turns around with an on-the-spot Top 5 favorite candies. Kevin isn't thrilled with some of the entries on the list, but agrees that it's hard to say no to any candy.

After Tony discusses what he was disappointed in and what he enjoyed in wrestling for the week, Kevin happily changes the tide of the show and jumps right in with numerous Top 5s. His thoughts lead to discussions of the 24/7 title, strange characters, and participation entrances. The boys also discuss Shinsuke Nakamura and his upcoming match with the Great Muta, as well as this weekend's Crown Jewel.

By the time the show starts wrapping, Matt does a run in. He almost missed it with a case of the bubble guts, but managed to help close the show with plugs and tales of Crowbar wrestling for New Japan.

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