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The Wizards are back with another jam packed episode

We quickly catch up and decide if we are picking NXT's Halloween Havoc. Tony needs to hear the card, and Matt of course butchers some of the names. This transitions into the breaking news from last week, the return of the Good Brothers to RAW, and what that means for NJPW. We ponder the possibilities, and this brings us to the NJPW TV Title. We go over the field, the design of the belt, and the rules.

We cover the recent happenings in AEW, a few big returns and debuts on Rampage, plus Orange Cassidy winning the All Atlantic Title. Guess who didn't like it? This leads us to a conversation about the NWA and Question Mark 2. We cover some NWA, and how the Hard Times PPV continues to shape up. Is Homicide due to drop the title to Kerry Morton? What story is Tony over?

We are then joined by Super Thunderfrog. He comes in 100 miles per hour, and is honestly an amazing interview. We talk about wrestling in the mall of America, teaming with Big O Possum, challenging for World Titles, pooping your pants, wrestling figures, Halloween & MORE. This is a really fun interview and worth checking out.

Back from a quick break, we dive into Triplemania 30. After last week's interview with Sam Adonis, Kevin was sold on the show, find out what he thought about it and what he took away from the show .

We talk some Tales from the Territories, the Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler story, All these years later, we are still learning new things about this amazing story, and we ponder, does this work if Vince McMahon Sr decides to run the angle instead of Memphis and Lawler.

We then do our Wizards Rewind, back to the Coliseum Home Video Piledriver Music Video VHS.
It's an amazing trip down memory lane and a lot of fun.

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