Episode 603: The Wild Rhino


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The boys are back with the latest episode of The Shining Wizards Podcast

The crew jumps right into it with Matt talking about how he is going to yell at anyone wearing CM Punk gear at Grand Slam, and this leads them down an AEW conversation. Did Hangman go into business for himself? Are we happy to have Punk back in wrestling? How does Tony Khan deal with this? And of course we run down the Grand Slam card, Tony is super excited.

We talk about the exciting news of War Games returning at Survivor Series. Thankful that it won't be for brand supremacy and we speculate what the 5 vs 5 teams would be. We also talk about the Crown Jewel Main Event and our thoughts on Logan Paul being in the main event.

We are then joined by LA Dojo, Big 4 member Clark Connors. The Wild Rhino talks to the boys about a variety of topics, from being in the original LA Dojo Class, Best of the Super Juniors, Horsemeat, his injury recovery, pants pooping and much more. If you don't know who Clark Connors is, this is the perfect introduction to him.

Back from a quick break and plugs, we are talking about the NWA. We have 2 new Question Marks, Velvet Sky continues to crush it on commentary, the Queen Bee match and of course Tyrus in the Main Event again.

This conversation leads us to Kevin's Top 5 list. We are talking Kevin's least favorite current championship belts. Do you agree with Kevin? Did he miss one? Let us know

We talk a little White Rabbit, Bray Wyatt & Impact before pulling the train into the station.

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