Ep. 86 - Willow and Calah | USMC Graphic Design, Adapting to a College Campus, and Tuxedo T-Shirts


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The most valid episode of The Shanon Show of all time is finally here. I interview two returning guests, Willow Lewis and Calah Thompson, to learn more about their powerful friendship and their current lives. Calah shares what it's like doing photography and graphic design as a United States Marine and Willow explains how she was able to successfully adjust to life on a college campus and kick ass in Navy ROTC. Together, they take me back to the day that they first met in Okinawa, as well as, recap their recent summer meet-up in Tokyo. Most importantly, we tackle a preposterous predicament that will unfourtunately jumpstart my tuxedo t-shirt modeling career. It's a super-fun episode with two amazing young women, who can serve as inspirations for military kids everywhere.

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