SEO agency vs. in-house?


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“It’s not SEO in-house vs. agency anymore. Having SEO in-house is a must, so the question for the SEO agency option is when

Welcome to the 4th episode of The SEO Growth Podcast! This week we’re again with our founder and CEO, Maeva Cifuentes, jumping again on this popular and endless debate: should you build SEO in-house or delegate it to an SEO agency?

The short answer is… both! Teams are getting smaller, but not goals. Those just keep getting bigger and harder to achieve. And if you’re a B2B SaaS in growth or scaling mode, teaming up the deep product understanding from your in-house team with the technical and industry experts of an SEO agency is an unbeatable formula.

Having a dedicated in-house SEO professional early on is crucial. You’ll need data from them when you want to scale and use bigger impact strategies to generate extra revenue later on. However, SEO is such a vast space that finding someone with all the holistic skills (and capacity) necessary to execute it well is very rare.

Having an agency as your full-stack SEO department to leverage all those in-house learnings can scale up your content operations really fast, and in the most strategic way.

But for the Jack-of-all-trades CMOs that have very little SEO expertise, choosing the right high-quality agency to fit their needs can feel daunting and stressful. How do you separate the average from the exceptional? Hint: pay attention to the questions they ask.
Tune in to find out and choose with confidence!
In this episode we talk about:

  • SEO agency
  • SEO in-house
  • Tips for hiring an SEO agency


00:00 - 05:58: WebSummit Lisbon

05:58 - 10:49: Teams are getting smaller, goals aren’t

10:49 - 14:50: When in-house and agency SEOs complement each other

14:50 - 16:32: When to start looking for an SEO agency partner?

16:32 - 23:46: What good quality SEO agencies should be asking you

23:46 - 25:01: Connect with us on LinkedIn
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