How to use attribution to see ROI from content and SEO w/ Steffen Hedebrandt


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“At the end of the day, we’re not trying to say we do magic. We're just trying to say, ‘we'll take all the information that you have first-party collected inside of your company, and we'll make it available for you.’”

Hello, hello! In this episode of the Flying Cat Marketing podcast, we’re joined by Steffen Hedebrandt, CMO and Co-Founder of Dream Data to talk about how to properly use attribution to see ROI from content and SEO.

We start by discussing the question that has all of LinkedIn fired up: How accurate is attribution, really? How can you use it to get people like the CEO, or CFO, on board the content train?

Steffen explains that there are two different types of content you can focus on, and if you can clearly differentiate between the two, you’re able to make data-driven decisions and drive the most ROI.

“There's two buckets of content. There's content that drives traffic to your website, and then there's content people look at as they're buying your product. And if we start with the articles you write for Google - where you're trying to get people to your website - the content that has the highest intent of actually making a buying decision about your product are ones you should spend time on.”

So what does this actually look like in practice?

Get caught up with this and more in the full episode!

In this episode we talk about:

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    • Attribution
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02:15-06:53 Are marketing attribution software worth the hype?

06:54-10:21 The difference between attribution data from CRMs like Salesforce and actual attribution software

10:22 The different types of attribution models and how they help track ROI

13:16-14:17 Can you implement hybrid attribution models?

14:18-23:10 Steffen’s biggest discoveries about content

23:11-26:23 What’s one thing Steffen wishes more people knew about attribution?

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