How to report your SEO efforts to your leaders w/ Usman Akram


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Hello dear listeners! Welcome to our third episode of The SEO Growth Podcast.

This week we’re joined by Usman Akram, Head of SEO at Flying Cat Marketing, as he talks us through how we can report our SEO efforts to leaders and stakeholders.
We discuss how it can take time to show the results of your SEO strategy. So it’s important to find a way of reporting to leaders that justifies the budget you’re investing—and demonstrates you’re on the right track.
Whether you’re part of a big company with a dedicated Head of SEO or a smaller company where the Head of Marketing does it all, it’s crucial to show the business impact of your SEO strategy.

To show how SEO impacts revenue, check the conversion rates on the top-performing pages of your website. Often, 50% of conversions come from just five pieces of content. Once you identify which pieces they are and how much organic traffic they generate, you can use this information to guide your content strategy.
You’ll also find out how attribution models can help you report SEO when you don’t have conversion data. By modeling customer touchpoints, you can understand and predict which steps in the customer journey lead to conversion.
A common objection from leadership is how long it takes to see ROI from SEO. We show you how to estimate ROI by setting SEO targets at the beginning of a project. So instead of having a strategy based on the number of pieces of content or backlinks you create, your end goal is an exact timeline for ROI.
By using simple math, Usman demonstrates how you can develop a whole roadmap for your SEO strategy and estimate your results, outcome, ROI, and cost of acquisition.
So tune in to find out how to report the value of your SEO efforts—by focusing on ROI over rankings and traffic.

In this episode we talk about:

  • SEO reporting
  • SEO strategy
  • Calculating ROI from SEO


04:13 - 12:33: What indicators can you use to show your SEO strategy is on the right track?

12:33 - 18:51: Structuring an SEO report for your leaders

18:51 - 20:59: Using an attribution model instead of direct conversions data

20:59 - 27:17: Attribution models: First touch, last touch, linear, W-form, and U-shaped

27:17 - 32:20: How to calculate return on investment (ROI) from SEO

32:20 - 34:49: Wrap up
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