Building a podcast community: Klue’s network success w/ Adam McQueen


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“Really great content and open content that really tries to elicit feedback, I think is a really strong starting point for building a community that actually has substance to it. It's not just a list of blog posts that we're dropping on people.”

Hey there! In episode 82 of the Flying Cat Marketing podcast, we sat down with Alex McQueen, Content Marketing Manager at Klue, to hear about how he co-created his own podcast network - The Compete Network.

Alex talks about how his desire to reach out to people, share knowledge and build a thriving community inspired the network. He knew that simply dumping job postings on the website or creating a Slack channel wouldn’t magically grow a community and sought to bring a personal touch to engagement.

Detailing the challenges and successes of The Compete Network, he talked us through the value of a strong branding team and what metrics he uses to measure engagement. He singles out live shows and events as a key step towards success and gives helpful tips on how to increase participation with follow-up interactions.

Plus, Alex explained the advantages of diversifying content beyond blog posts to encompass podcasts, videos, live shows, newsletters, and courses and the opportunities they offer. He shares some invaluable pointers on scheduling this content and tells us about his “Netflix seasons” approach to podcast episodes.

So, if you’re ready to hear how you can up your podcast game, jumpstart audience engagement, and build a thriving community, then tune in now!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Podcast networks
  • Audience engagement
  • Success metrics


0:00-1:44: Introduction

1:45-7:23 What is The Compete Network?

7:24-9:29 How it was started

9:30-12:40 Building a community

12:41-15:19 Metrics of success

15:20-16:29 Major challenges

16:30-21:50 Scheduling and distribution

21:51-24:07 Diversifying content

24:08-26:21 Reaching out to the audience

26:22-27:31 Wrapping up

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