147. Taking Ownership Over Your Energy


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Boundaries are one of those concepts that get a lot of air time, but do you actually know how to effectively set them for yourself? That’s the topic of this informative episode! Boundaries can really help you align your relationships to what you want to get out of them. Furthermore, setting healthy boundaries allows you to create better energy in your life rather than being plagued by bad energy.

The truth is that you have the power to take ownership over the energy in your life. That’s an exciting prospect, right? Being proactive rather than reactive and setting those boundaries is the best way to step into that power and to be happier with the energy you surround yourself with.

Here are the topics surrounding boundaries that I bring up in this episode:

  • Proactivity vs. Reactivity
  • Boundaries with Family Members
  • Boundaries at Work

I hope that this post has given you a blueprint of how to think about instilling boundaries in your own life so that you can begin taking control of the energy you surround yourself with. Believe me, doing so will make ALL the difference!

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