BONUS: The Witching Hour


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BONUS: The Witching HourThe Secret of St Kilda is a thrilling audio drama coming to you on 28th of December 2021. Enjoy these short clips from our spot on The Witching Hour by EAPodcasts, featuring Neighbourly Podcast. You can follow us @thekilda all over social media.You can find Neighbourly Pod at, and you can find EAPodcasts (which includes Podcastle, Pseudopod, Escape Pod and Cast of Wonders) at Thanks to these wonderful creators for asking us to guest!

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The Witching Hour is a collaborative production led by Escape Artists:


The Torrances:

  • written and edited by Naomi Clarke
  • directed by Michael Ireland
  • with Shogo Miyakita as Georgie Torrance
  • and Dean J. Smith as Robbie Torrance
  • transcript by C. L. Hendry

Neighbourly Segment

  • written by Matthew OK Smith and Naomi Clarke
  • The Narrator was voiced by Matthew OK Smith
  • Lockie was voiced by Alan Burgon
  • music composed by Alex Schwartz



Death and Dying: Mentioned drowning risk. Unreality: Second person point of view, Fourth wall break. SFX: Sounds of distress and discomfort, Sounds of physical violence, Frequent use of static. Physical violence: Comedic threat. Miscellaneous: Cult themes.


The Secret of St Kilda Theme by Shane Rutherfoord-Jones

SFX from

Music in Neighbourly Segment by Alex Schwartz

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