Episode 249: Boonlake and The Evolution of Game Designs


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Today we have our great friend Rodney Smith of Watch It Played kicking off the show with a guest announce, and I gotta say, he goes an amazing job! Then the Founders confront Don about his sleeving mental issues and continue with a dive into a mess of games they've been getting into including Horrified American Monsters, Foundations of Rome, Cuphead The Fast Rolling Dice Game, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age, Era: Medieval Age, Gaia Project, and Cryptid: Urban Legends. After Jamie gives a little health update, he and Don crack open Boonlake from Alexander Pfister and Capstone Games for a feature review. Tony T, once again, wows the people with his fine upstanding journalism skill and news delivery skills. Then finally the gang talks about games designs that have gone through an evolutionary period over time. Boonlake Overview 01:10:22, Boonlake Review 01:14:06, News with Tony T 01:42:58, Evolution of Game Designs 02:36:12

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