Episode 242: Struggle of Empires and a Short Topic Extravaganza


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Hey Now Cabalists! Episode 242 starts with an announcement regarding Don playing a game of Europe Divided with the designer of A Gest of Robin Hood and Red Flag over Paris, Fred Serval. The match will also have running commentary by its designer Dave Thompson! The match will be held on November 13th, 11am PST (2pm EST). Check out https://tabletop.events/conventions/sdhist-con-2021 for more details. Then the gang jumps into talking about some great games we've been playing including Isle of Skye, Scythe, Tapestry: Plans and Ploys, Empire of the Stars, Box One, Northern Pacific, and Juicy Fruits. Then Don and Jamie jump into a feature review of Martin Wallace's Struggle of Empires from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Tony T collects and delivers a bonkers series of news articles and currently running Kickstarter projects while the gang chirps in the background. Then finally the Founders jump into a Short Topic Extravaganza including discussion about too many Kicsktarters, how hard should a co-op game be and do the BGG rankings really reflect how good games are. Struggle of Empires Overview 00:56:28, Struggle of Empires 01:00:50, News with Tony T 01:31:28, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:28:47

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