Episode 230: Deranged and Returning to Normalcy


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Awwww yeah! It's time for another dose of Secret Cabal Insubordinate Nonsense! Today the gang starts out by talking about 2021 being the 10th anniversary year and promoting their upcoming Kickstarter on June 2nd. Then they dive into the games they've been playing including Red Rising, Stacadia Quest, SpellTable, 50 Clues The Pendulum of the Dead, Cavemen: Quest for Fire and Mr. Jack. Then Don, Steve and Jamie jump into a feature review of Deranged from designer German Tikhomirov and published by Hobby World. Then, of course, Tony T gets busy with the biggest and best tabletop gaming news review of all time and the other Founders give their valued thoughts on the topics of the day. And finally, the gang gets into talking about all the great games they're excited to play now that we're all vaccinated up and ready to get back to gaming in person! Deranged Overview 01:05:14, Deranged Review 01:09:44, News with Tony T 01:36:44, Returning To Normalcy 02:28:37

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