Wise mind, wise gut: Supporting the gut-brain axis


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In this week's episode I discuss the gut-microbiome-brain axis and how it affects different aspects of our health and well-being. I begin by talking about the how the microbiome is one of the five natural defense systems in the body and ways that it is impacted by the foods we eat and how we digest them. I also highlight the impact of an imbalanced microbiome on a host of mental and physical health problems in ourselves, as well as its impact intergenerationally. Throughout this episode I highlight scientific research that demonstrates the connection between our gut and our brain – emotionally and physiologically - and weave in evidence-based principles and strategies drawn from Eastern and Western medicine for taking care of this gut-microbiome-axis in order to promote longevity, holistic wellness, and healing. I close with a brief mindfulness practice intended to help ground us before and/or after meals, and to enhance awareness of the internal emotions, sensations, and thoughts we may be experiencing and bringing in to mealtime, in order to enhance our ability to digest and more fully process foods and their nutrients.

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