Understanding our inner critics: The power of insight & compassion


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In this episode, I emphasize how essential it is to understand your relationship to self-criticism & the ways in which it shows up in your life. From this foundation of insight, you can then enhance your ability to respond to self-criticism more effectively, particularly with a compassionate stance, so that it becomes a less dominant force. I begin by offering examples of the multitude of influences that can cultivate & perpetuate self-criticism & then guide you through a self-assessment exercise that you can engage with as either a guided meditation or written inquiry to help deepen your understanding of the role of self-criticism in your life. I then introduce self-compassion as a useful antidote to self-criticism by clarifying what it means on a practical level to cultivate self-compassion in your life. I also share important research that both supports the benefits of self-compassion & debunks common myths of self-compassion. I end with a guided self-compassion practice that targets self-criticism & can help soften its impact in difficult moments. This guided practice is intended to be a tool that you can readily integrate into your life & implement when you notice self-criticism arise, even if you only have a few moments.

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