Finding our center: Grounding through body, breath, nutrition, & lifestyle


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In this episode, I focus on concrete ways we can find our center ~ ways we can access a grounded sense of safety, stability, security, & soothing ~ even in really difficult times where we may be overwhelmed with stress, grief, fatigue, and pain. While we can and do access grounding through our body, full grounding doesn’t just involve the physical body. Thus, finding our center is a holistic process ~ involving body, mind, heart, & spirit ~ and one that can be unifying and create wholeness. We focus on four categories of grounding, informed by my understanding of western psychological principles, yoga philosophy & Ayurveda. For example, we discuss 1) body-based grounding practices (e.g., grounding through the senses, mindful movement & specific yoga postures, food, spices, & nutrition), 2) specific breath practices that regulate the nervous system and stabilize our physiology, 3) cognitive strategies (e.g., imagery, dialectical thinking, self-compassion), and 4) through lifestyle and routine.

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