Lesson 72: Beating Inflation and Earning Passive Income with Cryptocurrency with Anja Schuetz


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Hello listeners and welcome back to the School of Travels podcast!

Today, I am bringing you my 3rd interview related to cryptocurrency because I’ve got to be honest, I feel like it’s becoming more important than ever, despite the entire industry being in a huge downturn at the moment. Now, you may ask yourself, what does cryptocurrency have to do with travel? Well, cryptocurrency is a form of money and we all need money to travel - and my guest in this week’s episode, Anja Schuetz, is going to explain to you how we can use earn cryptocurrency to earn passive income and even as a way to find your next job.

If we have more money, we can have more freedom, travel, and well-being in general, so let’s get right into Anja’s story and hear the important message about the future of money and investing that she has to share.

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