Lesson 70: Traveling for 45 Days Only Using Bitcoin with Rikki and Laura


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Hello listeners – welcome back to The School of Travels podcast coming to you for the second and final episode from El Salvador! My guests this week took the Bitcoin experiment in El Salvador to the next level and decided to travel around the country for 45 days only using Bitcoin. This meant that they could only stay in hotels and eat in restaurants that accepted their bitcoin, even the gas for their rental car had to be paid for in bitcoin—all in a country that had only made Bitcoin its legal tender less than four months before they entered the country.

Riccardo Frega and Laura Nori, otherwise known in this podcast as Rikki and Laura, both come from Italy and met during the pandemic on the popular Clubhouse app, bonding over their shared love of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. When Laura suggested that Rikky take his show on the road to El Salvador to really see what it was like for the first country in the world to use Bitcoin as legal tender, they both had their tickets to El Salvador within a week.

Two months later, they are still here and spreading the message of how Bitcoin can change the economic lives of even those who have never had a bank account before. What is it like to only spend Bitcoin for 45 days and no longer have any access to cash or credit cards? How is El Salvador doing with the adoption of Bitcoin? We are about to find out…..

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