Lesson 68: Buying Real Estate Abroad with Jon Sterling of Espatriati.com


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When it comes to buying real estate abroad, there are many things to consider – is it even legal for me, as a foreigner to buy property there, can I get a mortgage from a local bank, how safe is it really? Are there decent schools for my children? Etc.

My guest today, Jon Sterling has leveraged his long career as a real estate agent and broker in the United States and the UK to create a network of international real estate contacts that can help you find the perfect foreign property to meet your needs. Jon and I discuss different reasons why it can beneficial to buy real estate abroad and also some of the things to watch out for. I also put Jon on the spot and ask him for his recommendations for the best places around the world to invest right now and we talk about some of the places where it is possible to get a mortgage even as a foreigner.

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