Lesson 67: Finding Your First Remote Job with Juliana Rabbi


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Hello listeners and welcome back to the School of Travels podcast. In my last episode interviewing a first time remote worker, Muj, I mentioned my friend Juliana Rabbi, a remote jobs coach who helps people find their first remote job in 90 days.

As I’m sure you are all aware, the pandemic has created an unprecedented number of remote job positions and it’s now easier than ever to find 100% remote work. In my interview today with Juliana, we are going to first learn about her own experience with remote work and her tips and tricks for finding the best remote job for you. Spoiler alert: not all remote jobs are created equal.

As you will learn with Juliana’s story, even though you may achieve your dream of going fully remote, it still may not be the best fit for you and it’s important to consider what you’re really looking for - whether it’s travel, more time at home with your family, or simply more flexibility with your day to day schedule - from the beginning. I hope Juliana’s energy inspires you to start your remote job search today. Let’s get into her incredible story.

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