Lesson 63: Living Life On Your Own Terms and The Basics of Cryptocurrency with Lorenzo Primiterra


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Hello listeners! Welcome back for another edition of the School of Travel podcast! This week on the podcast I'm joined by Lorenzo Primiterra.

After growing up in a medium-sized Italian town and studying abroad during university, Lorenzo had his eyes opened to the possibilities of how travel could change his life and eventually made travel his primary focus while working on the road.

During the pandemic Lorenzo had time to refocus on the cryptocurrency industry and he found that cryptocurrency seemed like a better bet than ever for navigating the uncertainty of the pandemic and the excessive money printing of governments during that time.

We will talk about Lorenzo's journey to becoming a digital nomad as well as his new book, "Hey Mom, I Bought Bitcoin!" If you've always wondered about crypto, but never taken the time to look into it, then this is the episode for you!

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