Lesson 71: Becoming a Hybrid Nomad and Getting Residency in Mexico with Kris de Leon


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Hello listeners! Welcome back for another edition of the School of Travel podcast! Back in Episode 62, I shared my story of getting residency in Portugal during the pandemic and, this week, I thought you would enjoy another story of how to get residency in Mexico - a place much more familiar to those of you listening from Latin America and the United States.

My guest this week, Kris de Leon, has quite a story to share with you as he started dreaming of travel very early on growing up on the tiny island of Guam with his efforts to follow his dreams ultimately taking him around the world, not only becoming proficient in Japanese and working the Japanese corporate life but also landing an international transfer to London which allowed him to travel to new places almost every weekend.

Kris now considers himself a “hybrid nomad” and you will need to follow along with his story to find out just what he means by that and if it may be a future option for you. Finally, we discuss why Kris ultimately fell in love with Mexico City and how he ultimately ended up getting his residency in Mexico (and how you can too). Let’s dive into Kris’s story now.

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