Find Self-Forgiveness & Write A New Narrative For Your Life EP 1284


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Today’s guest is best-selling author Shaka Senghor. Senghor was released from prison in 2010 after spending 19 years for being convicted of murder. Today, Shaka’s priority is shifting societal narratives through storytelling and developing workshops with high entertainment value and deep social impact. Senghor is the Head of Sales and Success Culture at TripActions and Founder of Redeemed Sole. He has taught at the University of Michigan and shares his story of redemption around the world. His memoir, Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death and Redemption in an American Prison, debuted on The New York Times and The Washington Post Best Seller Lists. Shaka’s widely anticipated sophomore book, Letters to the Sons of Society was released in January 2022.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create a new narrative for yourself.
  • How to create peace from past trauma.
  • How to find self-forgiveness.
  • Why the best conversations are the ones you have with yourself.

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