Red Flags To Watch Out For & The Keys To A Healthy Relationship w/Lori Gottlieb EP 1191


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Today’s guest is Lori Gottlieb. She’s a psychotherapist, podcast host, and New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, which has sold over a million copies and is currently being adapted as a television series for ABC. She's the host of the popular podcast Dear Therapists and she’s now releasing a new workbook that serves as a companion to her best-selling book called Maybe You Should Talk To Someone Workbook: A Toolkit for Editing Your Story and Changing Your Life.

In this episode we discuss the biggest red flags to look out for in relationships, how to improve your trust and communication with your partner, why it’s dangerous to rely on your partner to make you happy, the key things healthy relationships have in common and so much more!

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