How To Pursue Your Dream & Make A Living As An Artist w/ Derek Hough EP 1167


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Today’s guest is Derek Hough. He’s an Emmy Award winning Choreographer and New York Times Best-Selling author. Derek started dancing at age 11 and has since become the only six time champion in franchise history of the hit ABC show Dancing with the Stars. He has a new live show in Las Vegas that I’m incredibly excited to go and see myself called No Limit where you will go on a journey through a true fusion of dance and music, as Derek explores styles ranging from ballroom and tap to salsa, hip-hop and everything in between. He’s performing from September 22nd to November 21st, 2021, so make sure to check it out!

In this episode we discuss what drove Derek to pursue his childhood dreams, what to do when you don’t feel enough, how to make a living as an artist, how to let go of being a perfectionist, and so much more!

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