SFH # 180 Positive Leadership with Jim Mallozzi


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“We learn best and perform best in environments that are supportive, enriching, and light giving. Based on what’s called a heliotropic effect, which is kind of a fancy word that says plants and all living organisms grow towards light.” - Jim Mallozzi, Mindset Advisors

Jim is a seasoned veteran of the Financial Services industry. During his career he has worked throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America helping lead the transformation industries and businesses. As the Principal at Mindset Advisors, he has helped global educational companies, high-tech manufacturing companies and financial service companies build strong management teams through a hands-on application of the principles of Positive Leadership. In this episode of The School for Humanity, I speak with Jim about his passion for international business, positive leadership, and what it takes to create better business results. Let’s dive in!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-mallozzi-441570b/

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