S4E15: 6 Scary Stories - Fake Uber Driver, Shapeshifters, Hidden Hotel Cameras, and Creepy Storage Units


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Stories Used For This Episode:
STORY #1: “Why I'll never park far from my job again” by u/xxmiranda
STORY #2: “My GF saw a "dark copy" of me over video call” by u/Avacyn3301 https://www.reddit.com/r/Paranormal/comments/n1t2un/my_gf_saw_a_dark_copy_of_me_over_video_call/
STORY #3: “Aliens watching over the forest?” by Ishmael H.
STORY #4: “My Uber driver took me to an abandoned building and followed me out of the car” by u/vroshmin
STORY #5: “Hidden camera in the hotel I was showering in!” by u/shuddering-shannon
STORY #6: “Horrifying storage unit auction experience....” by u/ham_fx
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