S6E11 - 3 Scary Stories: Don't Go Through This Drive Thru


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This episode begins with a young man's interest in his neighbor sitting inside a cage for days on end, only to expose himself to a dark secret once he decides to see why. The second scary story revolves around a man's wife who wants to stay in her son's life, even after death, and retaliates once her special bond with her son becomes known to the father. The third scary story will make you want to skip that drive-thru on your long road trip because you never know who may be on the other side of that speaker.

Story 1: "My neighbor sleeps in a cage" written by u/Annatar88

Story 2: "I saw Mommy in the bathtub" written by u/CastleRock80

Story 3: "If you see this fast food chain don't go through the drive thru" written by u/DueMud1461

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