Gopalkrishna Gandhi on how Bengal shaped the Mahatma


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Even though Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most well known figures in Indian history, for many, especially the young, he has become a bit of a two dimensional figure. Someone who helped us get independence from the British, but also someone whose face is on the currency notes, and who has a lot of streets named after him.
Though it is only when we read his letters to friends, family and opponents, or their accounts of encounters with him, we get a much more three dimensional picture of the Mahatma. Recently, his grandson, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, the former governor of West Bengal, has compiled and edited, A Frank Friendship, that brings out these details. The book is about the Mahatma's long history with Bengal, a state that brought him great joy, but also tested his life's philosophy. On the occasion of the 153rd anniversary of the Mahatma's birth, he joins host Sandip Roy to talk about the book, and how the state shaped the father of the nation.

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