How To Do Outbound Prospecting Right, With Brandon Bornancin


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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...
  • He wants to help people make more sales
  • He gives a Gold and Platinum album for sales success
  • He was selling for IBM and had the worst boss
  • No training
  • Killed online gambling in 2007 and he was making millions
  • Failed with SMS (lost millions and went bankrupt)

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  • Played in Canada before he was 21
  • Outbound is a lot more productive than inbound marketing
  • More people need to think about it
  • More sales are being extended
  • More people need to talk to more people about buying
  • Everything is setup to beat you down
Outbound prospecting is a lot more productive than inbound marketing." Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast
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