The #1 Ghostwriter In The World, Joshua Lisec


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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...
  • Lessons from billionaires
  • They all have a process
  • They have a startup they bootstrapped
  • They threw themselves into their businesses for 12+ hours/day for 2-7 years
  • Focused on customer acquisition
  • Followed "The E-Myth"
  • They saw themselves as the entrepreneur from the beginning
  • They are visionaries
  • Their explicit goals were to build a business so valuable they could sell it
  • They do three things
    • Does something better, faster, cheaper than the competition
    • Makes people feel better, easier to use, less frustration
    • Quicker ROI
  • Earning more than they spent

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  • They sell once they build a solid business
  • Transition into being a meta-entrepreneur
  • Now they buy and run multiple businesses in the same space and has one acquire the other
  • Buy a business run by an owner/CEO who runs it like they are an employee
  • They are excited, fast talkers
  • They are not doing things that keep them stuck
  • They are not answering customer support emails
  • They are not filling out paperwork
  • They are not tweaking the logo
  • Legacy, emotional value
  • About 85-90% of us "have a book in us"
  • Gain "first-author advantage"
  • Become the expert, the authority, the expert
  • Mail an autographed copy of your book to your ideal prospects
  • People have good attention spans for good content
  • Books that get finished can become best-sellers
  • Create flow
  • Get the headline right
  • Open the loop, open another, open another, close the most recent, then the second, then the opening loop
Gain first-author advantage."
  • Be leery of tactical loses context
  • Functional, emotional, economic
  • Get 100% clear on your promise of value
    • Title
    • Subtitle
  • Make a bold claim
  • Overwhelm readers with functional value despite making a big claim
  • Cultivate the feeling of overwhelm in the reader
  • Offer them a CTA to learn more or get additional support or hire us
  • Existing customers are much more likely to buy from you than a new prospect
  • When they buy your book they have self-identified as someone who invests in their own growth
  • Make four offers from low to high
    • Book
    • Course, masterclass, guide, community
    • Coaching, consulting so you can engage with my team
    • Done for you
  • "Become Immune to Manipulation," by Noah Revoy
  • Dr. Philip Ovadia, "Stay Off My Operating Table"
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