Fix Your Follow Up Failure To Grow Sales, Chris Wills


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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...
  • Marketing for over a decade
  • 7-year focus on financial advisers
  • Early in the paid marketing space like YouTube and Facebook ads
  • An internet marketing guy he followed took his skills to old school industries that weren't great at marketing and Chris did the same
  • Chris was drawn to the financial markets when he was younger so he focused on that niche
  • He was a "traditional" marketing agency for his clients
  • It worked, but he saw the problem that more leads is not always the answer
  • Get a better backend in place to nurture these leads

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  • You need a multi-media, multi-step follow-up sequence
  • Too many companies just want to pay for "hot leads" and they stack names into a system that can't handle them
  • You need to get better at converting your leads
  • A lot of companies are fine and offer a great product/service that people want but they can't sell!
  • They focus on the easy wins and they end up being fat, dumb, and happy
  • They really don't know how to sell
  • Most companies do not have a CRM or they are not using it properly
  • Let your authenticity come through your marketing
  • Content is still king
  • Sort, sift, and separate by being effective
  • Fix your follow-up failure
More leads is not always the answer."
  • A monthly newsletter is not follow-up
  • You must do more to follow-up
  • Master intent-based prospecting
  • Look at who is opening your emails and watching your videos
  • Do lead-scoring in your CRM
  • Not all leads are created equally
  • Create timely, essential reports
  • Report on industry news
  • Create a simple selfie video
  • You can't avoid prospects by giving free, valuable content
  • What are the FAQs and SAQs
  • How to handle the blinking cursor syndrome
There's always someone who wants to buy and you can dumb-luck your way into a sale with decent marketing."
  • Have a content calendar
  • Make it a priority
  • Retarget your website visitors, especially your YouTube visitors
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