Espionage Tactics That Help You Sell


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In this episode, we've got Jeremy Hurewitz with us. Jeremy Hurewitz is the founder of Challenger Hill Consulting, where he is using his years of International experience to gain a new outlook on leveraging clients. Join us for a great conversation about improving your sales skills from skills he learned from leaders in International espionage.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How Jeremy began to encounter International spies
  2. Tactics and strategies to connect with clients like a spy
  3. Use methods to attract overseas clients

Show Agenda and Timestamps

  1. About Jeremy and Challenger Hill Consulting [02:57]
  2. The meaning of selling like a spy [03:58]
  3. How does someone sell like a spy [10:53]
  4. This strategy bordering on the line of unethical [14:06]
  5. Paying it forward [20:34]
  6. Sam’s Corner [24:35]

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