Comparison Pages with Federico Jorge, Founder at Stack Against (#54)


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In this episode of The SaaS SEO Show, we’ve interviewed Federico Jorge, Founder at Stack Against, and discussed comparison pages and more.


Here’s what we’re covering:

  • What are comparison pages, and why are they important for SaaS companies?
  • When should you create comparison pages?
  • Why do SaaS buyers search for competitor terms online?
  • The elements of a successful comparison page.
  • The most common mistakes SaaS companies make regarding their comparison pages.
  • Where should comparison pages live on a SaaS website?
  • Comparison pages that don’t include your brand and 3-way comparison pages.
  • The role of review and affiliate sites like G2 and Capterra in the SaaS buyer journey.
  • Federico’s thoughts on the future of marketing for SaaS companies.
  • Being unbiased when creating comparison pages.


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