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THE RUS GUTIN EXPERIENCE - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 7 - HANUKKAH SPECIAL! w/ SANDY DANTO (12.11.20) (Full Ep) It's SEASON 2 / EPISODE 7 of @phillycomedyclub presents: THE RUS GUTIN EXPERIENCE on ZOOM!.. AND, it's our "HANUKKAH SPECIAL!".. 1st. POPPA RUS starts off with the last edition of QUARAN-BITS for 2020! In which, he reveals WHY he should've read the label on what turned out to be a VERY REAL Dr. Suess Xmas Tree! PLUS, Rus reacts to an article about Amazon's ALEXA saying unsolicited ANTI SEMETIC messages to random customers! ... THEN, on "ALBUM OF THE WEEK", we have one of Rus's favorite comics of all time & his old buddy from THE COMEDY STORE, the legendary, SANDY DANTO (@sandydanto), and his new album, "DADDY BOY" on 800 POUND GORILLA RECORDS (@800poundgorillarecords)! STREAM IT here: (800pgr.lnk.to/SandyDantoIN) and BUY IT here: (apple.co/2VSWFGj)! ** GENERAL INFO ABOUT #TheRGE​ ** Join the faceman and co-founder of PHILLY COMEDY CLUB, "POPPA" RUS GUTIN from COMEDY RECORDS! For his new ZOOM ROOM TALK SHOW!... Philly Comedy club presents: "The RUS GUTIN EXPERIENCE"! POPPA RUS from will be starting you off each week with his latest QUARAN-BITS and some laughs!... THEN, each week he'll welcome some of his favorite comics to share stories and promote their latest ALBUMS and PODCASTS.... While always featuring ARA segments with RUS taking audience questions from the gallery about Philly sports, movies, video games and more...PLUS, he'll be sharing his favorite comic created online content on "RUSSELL AROUND THE INTERWEBS"... AND even checking in with fellow comics who are quarantined with their parents, called, "SAY HI TO YOUR MOM FOR ME!".. Join us for this non-traditional comedy trip into the damaged brain of, "POPPA" RUS GUTIN! Follow @RUSGUTIN on Instagram and Twitter! Follow @phillycomedyclub on Instagram and @philly_comedy on Twitter! Season 2 is happening now! And Season 3 is cooking! Tickets for the live Zoom Room recordings will be available @ phillycomedyclub.com!

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