Episode #24: Exploring Paranubes and the Vast Category of Mexican Rum with Francisco Terrazas


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In this episode, we kick things off with a listener question on additives in rum, along with a quick rerum, before jumping into our interview with Francisco Terrazas of Paranubes. Paranubes is a fresh sugarcane juice rum distilled in Oaxaca, Mexico, by José Luís Carrera, a third generation sugarcane grower and distiller of aguardiente de caña. Not only does Francisco share the backstory behind the brand and all the details of the unique production process that gives Paranubes its distinctive character, he also gives an overview of the broader category of Mexican rum—which is much bigger than you might realize.

We came away from this interview with even more excitement for a region that is often overlooked by rum enthusiasts, and think you will, too.

Topics covered include:

Paranubes’ history as a brand and how their partnership with José Luís came together

Rum vs. aguardiente de caña (and why you see both on the label)

How the relationship with Paranubes has impacted production for José Luís

The full details on the rum’s production process (including the four months-long rolling fermentations)

Growing awareness of Mexican rum as a category

Regional differences in rum production across the country

And lots more!

Links to learn more:

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