70: 2022 in Review: Our 14 Favorite Rums of the Year


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It's time for our third annual Year in Review episode where we take a look back at our favorite rums of the year in the following categories:

Unaged rum

Aged rum (5 years or less)

Aged rum (Over 5 years)

“New to me” rum

Best value rum

Most surprising rum

Overall rum

Plus, we each make a pick for a new category irreverently dubbed, "Am I the a**hole for not liking this rum?"

Along the way, we also discuss the rums we would give a selection of celebrities, musical icons, and celebrated authors at a Rumcast Secret Santa party.

Of course, we'd love to know what YOUR favorites were this year, so be sure to send us an email at host@rumcast.com and let us know!

Last but not least, a sincere Happy Holidays and New Year to all of you for listening to the show and writing in!

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