67: The Stories of Providence Rum and Clairin, the Spirit of Haiti with Herbert Barbancourt-Linge Jr.


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In this episode we sat down with Herbert Barbancourt-Linge Jr. of Providence Rum / Distillerie de Port-au-Prince and The Spirit of Haiti. Herbert took us deep into the making of one of Haiti's newest distilleries, which has already put out interesting releases like Providence First Drops and Providence Dunder & Syrup. We also talked all things clairin, which Herbert has helped rum enthusiasts across the globe discover through his involvement in The Spirit of Haiti with La Maison & Velier. Topics discussed included:

The process of building a new distillery from scratch in Haiti

Defining Providence's style of Haitian rum (and how it's different from clairin)

How they ended up partnering on Providence with La Maison & Velier

How The Spirit of Haiti was formed

The early days of searching out Haiti's best clairin producers

Clairin culture around the island

How clairin's export success has been received in Haiti

What to expect from Providence's aging program

Cane juice vs. cane syrup

The Barbancourt family backstory

Misconceptions about Haiti

And more

You can learn more about Providence Rum at their website: https://www.providence-rum.com/

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