60: Inside St. Nicholas Abbey: Making Cane-to-Glass Barbados Rum with Larry Warren


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In this episode, we're checking the final (for now!) Barbados rum distillery off our list with an interview with the owner of St. Nicholas Abbey, Larry Warren. Unlike the three much larger scale rum distilleries in Barbados (Mount Gay, Foursquare, and WIRD), St. Nicholas Abbey focuses entirely on small batch production that includes everything from growing the sugarcane to bottling the rum.

We talked everything from production process to the latest updates with the Barbados GI and everything in between with Larry, including:

What inspired him to not only purchase St. Nicholas Abbey in 2006, but turn it into a working farm and distillery

How their rum differs from other Barbados rums

Getting rum advice and feedback from Richard Seale

Why they uses sugarcane syrup rather than molasses or cane juice

St. Nicholas Abbey's current lineup of rums (and what that will look like going forward)

What's next for the Barbados GI (and a response to recent criticism)

And much more!

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Learn more about St. Nicholas Abbey on their website.

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