59: The Rumcast Guide to Mexican Rum: Aguardiente de Caña, Charanda, and the Landscape of Sugarcane Spirits


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In this episode, we're continuing what we started with The Rumcast Guide to Jamaican Rum by hopping over to a typically less familiar locale when it comes to sugarcane spirits: Mexico.

Mexico has a relatively unique rum landscape that includes everything from small, family-run farm-to-bottle operations that have been producing fresh sugarcane juice-based spirits for generations, to larger scale operations producing rum more closely aligned with typical mass market products found throughout Latin America. There are way too many distilleries to discuss in one episode, so rather than attempting to be comprehensive, we chose to focus on the two Mexican rum styles that most interest us right now: aguardiente de caña and Charanda.

After discussing some background on both rum styles—including a look at the Charanda Denomination of Origin—we dive into the following brands and distilleries:

Uruapan Charanda

Sol Tarasco Charanda

El Tarasco Charanda

Gustoso Mexican Rum






Ron Aconte

As noted during the episode, we are keeping a running list of all known Mexican rum producers (including the many not covered during this episode) on our website: https://www.rumcast.com/episodes/mexican-rum-guide

For more information on Paranubes and Mexican rum, check out Episode 24, featuring our interview with Francisco Terrazas of Paranubes.

For a deeper look at the distillery behind Uruapan Charanda, check out this virtual distillery tour.

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