54: Introducing Rhum Arrangé to the Rest of the World w/ Johann Jobello & Kate Perry


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In this episode, we caught up with Kate Perry and Johann Jobello of La Maison & Velier to learn about Arhumatic—a French brand that's quite different from anything else in the LM&V portfolio. Arhumatic specializes in rhum arrangé, a traditional preparation of rum in islands with French ties like Réunion, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. Rhum arrangé involves macerating rum (either rhum agricole or molasses-based rum, depending on the island) in fresh fruits and/or botanicals, typically for months at a time. While commercial brands are common in France, Arhumatic is possibly the first to become available in the United States. In the interview we discuss...

The history and origins of rhum arrangé

How rhum arrangé varies between the French Caribbean and Réunion

How Arhumatic produces their rhum arrangé and develops new ideas

The perils of the term "flavored rum" (and why it doesn't feel fitting for products like this)

Why La Maison & Velier decided to partner with a brand that's so different from the rest of their rum portfolio

How Arhumatic going beyond rhum agricole in their rhum arrangés with Jamaican rum, clairin, and more

The challenges of bringing unfamiliar types of rum to new places

The best ways to use rhum arrangé

And more!

Additional Resources on Arhumatic:

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