49: Another Side of Mount Gay w/ Jacklyn Broomes & Maggie Campbell


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In this episode, we chat with Jacklyn Broomes (Agricultural Manager) and Maggie Campbell (Estate Rum Manager) about all things agriculture and sustainability at Mount Gay (along with a few hints at what to expect from the estate rum program in the future).

Topics covered include:

How Jackie and Maggie both ended up working at Mount Gay (and a closer look at each of their roles)

The vision behind Mount Gay’s agriculture and estate rum programs

How Mount Gay intends to use their sugarcane and the molasses that comes from it

Why sustainability should be more than a buzzword to rum enthusiasts

How to balance doing something totally new at a distillery with such a long history and established styles/traditions

The life of luxury enjoyed by the estate’s pampered honey bees

The other crops you might be surprised to find growing on the estate (it’s more than just sugarcane)

What to watch for next from Mount Gay

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