41: All Aboard the Transcontinental Rum Line with Johann Jobello


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In this episode, Johann Jobello takes us inside the world of Transcontinental Rum Line, La Maison & Velier’s growing collection of rum releases sourced from all over the world. As product manager and U.S. market coordinator, Johann has a hands-on role at every stage of the process, from sourcing the rum, to aging it, to planning releases, and more. We discuss:

Growing up in Martinique, the heart of rhum agricole

Johann’s experience working at the La Maison du Whisky fine spirits shop in Paris before his current role

The finer points on tropical vs. continental aging

The making of a Transcontinental Rum Line release

Label transparency and how they decide what goes on a Transcontinental Rum Line label (and what doesn’t)

A sneak peek at upcoming Transcontinental Rum Line releases

Balancing Transcontinental Rum Line releases with Velier’s numerous rum brands and releases

Sourcing from distilleries vs. rum brokers like E&A Scheer

Where rum lovers should go in Paris

And more!

Learn more about La Maison & Velier and Transcontinental Rum line at the LM&V website

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