CNN Issues a Severe Punishment After New Cuomo Allegations Emerge | Direct Message


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Chris Cuomo’s suspension, Nancy Pelosi caught breaking COVID rules, Jim Cramer’s insane vaccine rant, and Biden’s plans to exploit the Omicron variant. First, Chris Cuomo was suspended after CNN discovered that he had abused his power to deal with the allegations against his brother Andrew Cuomo. Next, a clip of Nancy Pelosi caught ignoring COVID rules while Gavin Newsom escaped his own COVID restrictions by flying to Mexico at a $29K-per-day villa! Next, a clip of CNBC's Jim Cramer demanding a universal vaccine mandate enforced by the military. Finally, reports of the Biden administration planning to use the Omicron variant to justify new quarantine rules and the strictest COVID restrictions yet.

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